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3D Virtual Matterport Tours

At 606 Digital Media, we provide a fully immersive experience by blending the remarkable 360 technology of the Matterport experience with our handcrafted videos to have your clients experience the whole story.

The Matterport Experience

• Dollhouse view • Floor plan schematic • 3D walking tour • Floor Selector • Room selector • Measurement tool • Pin drops for adding information or videos

Floor Plan.png


With the Floor Plan Map, you can see an entire overview of the VR Space and an arrow marker to note your current location. In addition, you can also quickly jump around a giant property without having to navigate point by point.



The interactive dollhouse view gives the end user the ability to see the entire space from another perspective.

Matter Tags.jpg


Mattertag posts are a great way to call out features, provide additional details, and generally just add context to different aspects of your 3D model. Mattertags can be comprised of information, pictures, & even videos. The neat part is that realtors, sellers, or leasers can interact through video with potential buyers.


Adding Video Production and Drone shots to your 3D Tours immerses your clients in an experience like no other. Fully utilizing Mattertags by adding video allows your client to see the space with a different lens and from the comfort of their own home or office. Gimbals can be especially important for commercial properties when an office/storefront is within mall settings. The Gimbal showcases the businesses that are surrounding the vacant property.

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